Balance Your Life

A new program begins September 5, 2017 (5:30, Tuesdays) at the Owings Life Enrichment Center, 2323 West Street, Germantown, TN.  Balance Your Life is a course on foundational behaviors and nutritional information that makes or breaks successful wellness.   Topics are: Get a Grip! Learn to manage your stress on a daily basis Get Moving! Incorporate activity […]

Focus On Positive and Present

Focus On Positive Bouncing back from a big loss requires the ability to adapt.  Those people who can change how they see a bad experience tend to have more control over their lives.  Those who cannot “reframe” the experience end up becoming victims. In dealing with cancer, I have learned to accept certain challenges.  I […]

Focus On Positive and Present

February is Heart Month

Heart Month The month each year when the nation’s attention turns to heart disease.  Risk factors for heart disease that you can control include the following: High Blood Pressure– This condition can increase your risk of stroke and heart attack and usually has no symptoms.  Talk to your healthcare professional about your risk. Smoking – […]

Focus On Core Strength

Strong Core Muscles Underpin Nearly All We Do Core Muscles are the central link connecting your upper and lower body.  Your core includes the muscles, bones and joints in your abdomen, back, sides, pelvis, buttocks and hips.  So no matter where motion starts, it ripples upward and downward through your core.  Weak or inflexible core […]

Lifestyle Exercise

Welcome to Lifestyle

The LifeStyle Philosophy~ Imagine the Difference Creating the Right LifeStyle Can Make

LifeStyle specializes in medically monitored weight management programs using OPTIFAST®, one of the world’s most respected and effective weight management programs. The OPTIFAST program is based on a proven multidisciplinary treatment that has been used effectively by over a million people since 1974.

LifeStyle recognizes people become overweight for different reasons. We use a comprehensive approach to identify and treat each of the factors that contributed to your unhealthy lifestyle and weight gain.

Our goal is to help you focus on your way of life to improve your health and achieve the rewarding lifestyle you deserve.

Fully Customizable Weight Management Programs

LifeStyle programs are fully customizable to fit your work and family obligations while helping you achieve your healthy weight and fitness goals.

LifeStyle serving Memphis, Germantown, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi

LifeStyle with a location in Germantown, an eastern suburb of Memphis, provides medically monitored weight management programs utilizing comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment plans.