Balance Your Life

A new program begins September 5, 2017 (5:30, Tuesdays) at the Owings Life Enrichment Center, 2323 West Street, Germantown, TN.  Balance Your Life is a course on foundational behaviors and nutritional information that makes or breaks successful wellness.   Topics are: Get a Grip! Learn to manage your stress on a daily basis Get Moving! Incorporate activity […]

Focus On Positive and Present

Focus On Positive and Present

Focus On Positive Bouncing back from a big loss requires the ability to adapt.  Those people who can change how they see a bad experience tend to have more control over their lives.  Those who cannot “reframe” the experience end up becoming victims. In dealing with cancer, I have learned to accept certain challenges.  I […]

February is Heart Month

Heart Month The month each year when the nation’s attention turns to heart disease.  Risk factors for heart disease that you can control include the following: High Blood Pressure– This condition can increase your risk of stroke and heart attack and usually has no symptoms.  Talk to your healthcare professional about your risk. Smoking – […]

Focus On Core Strength

Lifestyle Exercise

Strong Core Muscles Underpin Nearly All We Do Core Muscles are the central link connecting your upper and lower body.  Your core includes the muscles, bones and joints in your abdomen, back, sides, pelvis, buttocks and hips.  So no matter where motion starts, it ripples upward and downward through your core.  Weak or inflexible core […]

Can You Break the Health Rules?

Fork with a Tape Measure

Breaking Health Rules Is now the time to break the imperatives for our well being?  Is taking care of ourselves as black-and-white as it use to be?  Are we able to bend the codes of good health and follow guidelines now?  Today there are more paths to optimal health than we previously thought and our […]

Backpacks, Laptops, Pencils? Oh My!

Back to School

Back to School!  These words can bring stress, headaches, or relief.  And this depends on our approach to the busy days ahead.  Even with temperatures on some days in the triple digits, school begins whether we are ready or not.  For most this means getting back into a routine which includes carpools, early bus schedules, […]

Countdown to Summer Fun!

Healthy Activities

It is now the first of May, 2012 and we are gearing up for summer.  In some locations, the season got a early start with warmer weather.  However, are you READY!?  There is still time to get ready for the summer months where our lifestyles are less frenetic, we are usually more active, and swimwear season […]

March Madness

What is Added to Healthy food Can Sabotage Your Diet The rising obesity trend has alarmed many experts.  Obesity can lead to many problems which include lost productivity, days missed at work, and rising insurance costs.  Obesity also raises the risk for other diseases.  Some common facts include:   Heart attacks are on the rise for […]

Celebrate Heart Month!

                            Celebrate Heart Month with six steps for a better life!  People become discouraged when they set vast goals.  These overwhelming goals zap our motivation and we lose our focus.  We need baby steps to keep our goals achievable and reasonable.  The following steps will help us towards a healthier plan in 2012.    Step […]

Can A Fatty Diet Affect The Brain?

M.D. in labcoat with tapemeasure

New Research to Snack On Here is a new bit of research to snack on after the holidays.  After humans eat a high-fat diet, their brains begin to show evidence of injuries in just 24 hours.  The hypothalamus – the area of the brain that regulates weight – will show evidence of serious inflammation and structural […]