Become A New You!

Become A New You This Year! It is now the second week of January.  Did you make any new goals for 2012?  Have you already run out of steam?  Did you want this year to be different?  Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?  Then you need to read more on how […]

What’s Making Us Gain Weight!

Fork with Tape Measure

Why Are We Getting Fatter? Havard University researchers just published a 20-year study in the The New England Journal of Medicine that followed 120,000 men and women, detailing the good and bad foods that contribute to obesity.  While a major culprit was the potato chip for making us gain weight, the bottom line was changes in […]

Gluten Free: Is It a Diet?

Are You Going Against the Grain? Gluten-free diets are the current rage.  Will this plan give you more energy and help you lose weight?  First, there is more to gluten than meets the eye.  According to a recent article* there is no scientific evidence indicating that gluten itself impacts weight in people who do not have […]

Body Image and Swimsuit Season

Girl with Yoga Ball

Will You Ever be Ready for Summer? What is your reaction when you catch yourself in a store window, glass door, or full-length mirror?  Do you spend hours grooming your face or hair but will not look at your body in the mirror?  Are you so successful in avoiding looking at yourself that at first […]

Defusing Conflict for a Healthier LifeStyle


Defusing Conflict at Home or Office What I hear most about not staying on a prescribed meal plan is this:  “I was just too stressed after work and blew my diet by stopping by The Big Burgers.”  “My spouse and I had a big fight.”  “The kids were sick.”  “The dog was sick.”  “I was sick.”  […]

Talk With Your Trainer


Are You Communicating With Your Trainer? You finally made the decision to invest in a personal trainer.  What is the most critical component of this relationship?  Good work-out shoes?  Proper attire?  While both important – the most important and critical component of meeting your fitness goals is communication.  Your trainer can provide certain benefits including […]

Color Your Plate

Yellow and Red Peppers

Can You Eat Right with Color? The theme for National Nutrition Month was “Eat Right with Color.”  Besides attracting attention, the colors of fruits and vegetables also indicate the nutrient content in them.  Listed are some good reasons to color up your plate. Colors of Fruits and Vegetables RED – Red foods such as strawberries, watermelon, […]

Do Carbs Help You to Lose Weight?

Do Carbs Help You to Lose Weight? Eating a diet packed with carbs can help you lose weight.  BUT for the carbs to help they have to be right kind of carbs.  These right kind of carbs are called Resistant Starch and multiple studies have shown these carbs help you to eat less, burn more […]

Cool, Calm, and De-Stressed!


At the first of the year, everyone is bombarded with resolutions, do this and don’t do that! By the second week of the year, most everyone has given up on at least one well intended promise. What will make 2011 any different? Read on and check out some tips on getting started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Holiday Countdown!

The Holiday Countdown has started! Are you ready? Find some new and some reliable ways to handle the holidays and the stress and anxiety that accompanies the season. Overcome obstacles such as too many special lunches, office parties, and dinners with family and friends. Schedule your time to organize and cope with the extended holidays!