Weight Loss Programs

The Lifestyle Weight Loss team recognizes the reasons people gain weight are as varied and unique as the people themselves. Therefore, no single treatment is right for all people.

Medical weight management programs provide a variety of treatment approaches that can be combined in unique ways to address the specific weight management needs and challenges of each individual.

We provide a custom medical weight loss program and maintenance solution for each patient to ensure that the treatment meets each person’s unique work and family obligations, medical needs, and weight loss goals.

Each LifeStyle medical weight loss program is based on key principles that have been proven through numerous medical studies to be essential for long-term weight management success.

Jump Start Program

LifeStyle Weight Loss understands that even a moderate amount of weight loss can make a significant difference on how a person feels physically and emotionally.  Jump-Start is a 6 week program designed for individuals with less than 15 – 20 pounds to lose.

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Opti-Slim & Trim Program

The LifeStyle Opti-Slim & Trim Program is a comprehensive, 18-week program designed for the individual with 50 or more pounds to lose* who is ready to commitment to losing weight and keeping it off in order to enhance their appearance and self esteem, improve their health, and increase their energy level and stamina.

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Pre-Surgical Program

LifeStyle Weight Loss provides personalized, pre-bariatric surgery weight loss programs ranging from 2-weeks to 5-months in length. We will work with you and your surgeon to help you meet the pre-bariatric surgery weight loss goals he or she recommends.

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Refocus Program

Refocus is our program designed for long-term weight management.  This program is available to all participants who have completed a LifeStyle Weight Loss Program.

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