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Monitoring your weight has never been easier

LifeStyle offers flexible meal plans and programs.  You can incorporate OPTIFAST products in your daily plan for a more healthy and fit lifestyle.  LifeStyle programs include several options for success in obtaining an appropriate weight. (See our weight loss programs).   Also, continuous use of selected products aid in maintaining your goal weight to sustain your healthy way of life.

A Clinically Proven Program

OPTIFAST is a medically monitored program designed to treat the whole you – not just your weight.  It combines support, counseling and comprehensive lifestyle education with a great-tasting meal replacement to help you lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks.

One multi-center study of 20,000 patients showed* 52 pound average weight loss with average respective decreases in cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose of 10% , 15%, and 29%.

Getting Started

Learn how LifeStyle and OPTIFAST can help you reach your health and weight loss goals.  Contact us today whether you are considering enrollment and want to receive additional information or you are a previous participant with an OPTIFAST  program.  What do you have to lose!