Opti-Slim & Trim Program

The LifeStyle Opti-Slim & Trim Program is a comprehensive, 18-week program designed for the individual with a BMI > 30 who has 50 or more pounds to lose* and is ready to commit to losing weight and keeping it off in order to enhance their appearance and self esteem, improve their health, and increase their energy level and stamina.

The Opti-Slim & Trim program which utilizes OPTIFAST® meal replacement products has clinically proven results with an average of a 52 pound weight loss as well as significant decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.

* The Opti-Slim & Trim program is also appropriate for individuals with less than 50 pounds to lose who suffer from weight-related diseases like hypertension, hypercholestremia (high cholesterol), type 2 diabetes, pre-dabetes or sleep apnea.

Initial Requirements

A complete history and physical with comprehensive fasting lab work is required before beginning the Opti-Slim & Trim Program.  You may have the initial physical, lab work and any follow-up lab work completed by your own primary physician. 


  • Regular check-ins for weight and blood pressure monitoring.
  • Nutrition and Behavior Assessment provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Complete transition to regular food after reaching your goal with the option of continuing the use of OPTIFAST® meal replacement products as part of your plan.
  • Regular check-ins with the behaviorist where you are able to discuss any concerns and review behavioral strategies to help you focus on your life and not your weight.
  • Access to up-to-date education materials.

Each of the LifeStyle meal plans for your weight loss program will be developed with you specifically to meet your individual needs according to your weight loss goals and eating habits with adjustments for activity levels, age, and gender.  A variety of OPTIFAST® products are available for your particular meal replacement protocol.

The cost of your Opti-Slim & Trim program is based on your initial physical, needed follow-up labs and medical visits.  Any individual behavioral strategy or group meetings and the cost of the OPTIFAST® products ordered are in addition to the initial start-up fee of $125.00.  A free consultation to review all information is available.  If this program is right for you and you would like additional information, contact us now!