Pre-Surgery Program

Australian researchers have shown that following a full meal replacement diet for just two weeks before bariatric surgery reduces the size of the liver and makes it less fragile. These changes improve the surgeon’s ability to see the gastroesophageal junction, reduce the risk of intra-operative bleeding and complications, and improve surgical outcomes.

Many surgeons and/or insurance companies currently require patients seeking bariatric surgery to participate in a meal replacement weight loss program before undergoing the procedure.

Patients who participate in a comprehensive, full meal replacement program for a longer period of time have the opportunity to develop many of the skills they will need in order to adopt a new way of eating and coping with emotions after bariatric surgery.

LifeStyle Pre-Bariatric Surgery Program Basics

LifeStyle provides personalized, pre-bariatric surgery weight loss programs ranging from 2-weeks to 5-months in length. We will work with you and your surgeon to help you meet the pre-bariatric surgery weight loss goals  recommended.

Patients participating in the pre-bariatric surgery weight loss program will receive weekly monitoring.  By working closely with the bariatric physician, this will ensure patients are losing weight at a safe rate, determine if the dosage of medications they are taking for weight related conditions need to be adjusted, and receive advice when necessary.

Even a moderate amount of weight loss pre- bariatric surgery can make a significant difference in the way the patient feels physically and emotionally.

The 5-Month Pre Bariatric Surgery Program (shorter programs available)

The 5-month pre-bariatric weight loss program provides the following services:

  • A history and physical by the patient’s primary care physician, or by the Bariatric physician).
  • Comprehensive lab tests by the patient’s primary care physician, or by the Bariatric physician).
  • Behavioral and nutritional assessments to help the LifeStyle behaviorist make the best decisions regarding your customized weight loss plan.
  • LifeStyle behaviorist will provide you with behavioral strategies and nutritional guidance as you develop a new relationship with food and learn to cope with the very real concerns related to overeating.
  • Food record monitoring and professional advice regarding common weight loss concerns and success strategies.

The Lifestyle counselor will provide you with an easy to follow, structured meal plan that will include OPTIFAST® meal replacement products for all or some of your meals  as recommended by the physician.

Your meal plans will be developed to meet your individual needs according to your weight loss goals and health status. Benefits of our Pre-Bariatric program include the flexibility of a shorter plan if needed or a full 5-month program.  Patients will gain knowledge from individual attention received and satisfying results to help move them toward continued goals of weight loss.

If the Pre-Surgery Weight Loss Program is right for you and you would like to obtain additional information, contact LifeStyle at 901-277-5520.