Refocus – Long-term Weight Management

The challenge of successful weight loss is keeping off the weight.  The solution is helping you maintain a healthy weight over time particularly after that critical first year of weight loss.   Continued contact with and accountability to health care professionals is beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight.  Refocus is the program designed for long-term weight management.   

 The Refocus program includes the following:

  • The availability of the OPTIFAST® products to clients who need that continued narrowed stimulus of food
  • Meal plans customized for you to aid in maintaining weight loss
  • Regular check-ins for weight monitoring
  • Strategies, tools, and tactics created for the long-term weight management patient
  • Incentives for continued reported progress

Changes in your motivational level, emotional state, ability to deal with life challenges and stress may be signs of relapse or returning to your previous unhealthy lifestyle.  The Refocus program can help identify these changes and begin a relapse intervention.  It can offer the flexibility of treatment to put you on the right path of everyday life.

The cost of Refocus – Long-term Weight Management is an initial $50.00 fee plus the cost of products ordered. Individual counseling is available at an additional fee. If this program is right for you and you would like to obtain additional information contact us now!