A.M. Conditioning Creates Healthy Habit

AM Conditioning CourseThis A.M. Conditioning Course can create a healthy habit and set the tone for the entire day.  Working out in the early morning hours will put you on the road to regular fitness.  Meeting at 6:30 a.m. might seem a little early to begin a fitness class, however, once you get out of bed and quit groaning, it begins to make sense.  The course meets every day Monday through Friday for 30 minutes and is facilitated by a certified personal trainer.  The routine is never the same and basically you are moving for the entire 30 minutes.  Some of the exercises are timed but for the most part, you can set your own pace. 

Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

  • Exercising in the morning energizes you for the day – you feel accomplishment rather than guilt
  • Exercise significantly increases mental acuity – exercising in the morning  just kickstarts your brainpower
  • Your body prepares for waking and exercising – even before opening your eyes
  • You stick with your fitness commitment by exercising first thing in the morning – it is not put on the back burner and you are less likely to skip your exercise
  • The effect of early morning exercise lingers after you finish – a boost to your metabolism
  • Early morning exercise is a stress reliever – releasing those endorphins

The Owings Life Enrichment Center (OLEC), located in the heart of Germantown, offers this a.m. conditioning course.  I have been attending every Monday through Friday at 6:30 a.m. since January and I feel it has been such a benefit.  I extend my workout by making use of the cardio room and weight room following the class.  So get up sleepy head and join us for an invigorating 30 minutes.  Contact LifeStyle for more information and cost of the Conditioning Course.

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