Backpacks, Laptops, Pencils? Oh My!

Back to SchoolBack to School! 

These words can bring stress, headaches, or relief.  And this depends on our approach to the busy days ahead.  Even with temperatures on some days in the triple digits, school begins whether we are ready or not.  For most this means getting back into a routine which includes carpools, early bus schedules, and waking up a little earlier than we did during those lovely lazy days of summer.  Here are a few tips to help us get back into that routine.

Plan the Night Before

  • Pack lunches the night before or at least have the food needed for lunches.
  • Get out clothes – make sure uniforms (if worn) or schools clothes are clean and pressed.
  • Be sure the Backpack is ready with assignments, signed consents, etc.
  • Find the shoes before running out the door.

Plan Appropriate Snacks and Lunches

  • Think raw veggies and dips.
  • Avoid the chips and add a piece of fruit.
  • Put in a bottle of water rather than a high calorie fruit drink.

Get Plenty of Sleep

This applies to both you and your student.  Work on an earlier bedtime by setting a time for ending the evening and homework time.  Avoid late night caffeine drinks or snacks.  Begin the school year on a positive note and keep smiling!

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