Become A New You!

Become A New You This Year!

It is now the second week of January.  Did you make any new goals for 2012?  Have you already run out of steam?  Did you want this year to be different?  Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?  Then you need to read more on how to make this year the best one yet!


Tips For Getting Started:

  • Start cleaning out your emails – take 5 each day and unsubscribe from unnecessary mail. 
  • Organize your office (home and workplace).  Try to go paperless with most bills this year. 
  • Stay in touch with old and new friends with a quick phone call or written note.  Work on NOT texting or emailing at the drop of a hat but communicating.
  • Slow down, hold the door for someone, and smile.  You will feel better!
  • Get outside every day.  Fresh air will do a wonder of good.
  • Begin an exercise program.  Put it on your calendar as you would an appointment. 

Treat each day as a new one and respond with kindness to the everyday stresses life can throw at you.  This might help you to make healthier choices and continue with the new you for the new year.

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