Body Image and Swimsuit Season

Girl with Yoga BallWill You Ever be Ready for Summer?

What is your reaction when you catch yourself in a store window, glass door, or full-length mirror?  Do you spend hours grooming your face or hair but will not look at your body in the mirror?  Are you so successful in avoiding looking at yourself that at first glance, you wonder who is in the picture with your family?  Is this the summer you will finally make an appearance at the beach or pool?  In a recent article in Fitness Magazine, over 1000 women were polled about similar questions and this article shed light on the complicated relationship women have with their bodies.

What Do Other Women Think?

And do we care?  You bet we do!  A lot of women dress in a manner which makes them feel better about themselves. However, a majority of women also dress to either compete or impress other women.  However, how we dress, look at ourselves, and move is based on the understanding of body image.

Body Image Involves:

Our perception, imagination, emotions, and physical sensations of and about our bodies.  It’s not static – but ever changing.  Our body image is sensitive to changes in mood, environment, and physical experience.  Basically, our body image is built from many different influences – feelings of overall appearances, features and even our coordination.  If we want to be successful in gaining the confidence to make this summer the one to attend a pool party, swim with your children or grandchildren or garden in your front yard, review the following information:

  • Recognize the signs such as avoiding mirrors, touch and movement that you are in denial about your weight.
  • Acknowledge your current body image.
  • Understand the root of your denial of your body image.
  • Accept coming to terms with your true appearance
  • Adjust your attitude and feelings as your body changes with your weight loss.

Back to the Swimsuits

Every year I read an article about “find the swimsuit that best fits your figure problem.”  It starts off – do you have wide hips – well yes.  Then this is the suit for you.  Heavy thighs – then this is the suit for you.  No waist – (not since the birth of my first child about 30 years ago).  And the list goes on.  The problem is that most women have multiple issues with their figures and this season represents a depressing time for shopping.  Some interesting facts about swimsuits and women from a leading fitness magazine include:

  • A majority of women don’t trust anyone to tell them honestly how they look in a swimsuit.
  • Over a third of women questioned would rather turn down an invitation from a celebrity because of being out of shape.
  • Almost 1/2 of women surveyed would give up Facebook forever for a model’s figure.
  • And over 75% of women in the survey would go to the beach with a friend with a perfect bikini figure than go with a friend who “is snap-happy-and-post-the-pics-promptly” on Facebook.

There is still about 5 1/2 weeks until July 4th.  Start walking, find a fitness trainer, and call us for help in becoming more comfortable IN your body not just WITH your body.

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