Can A Fatty Diet Affect The Brain?

M.D. in labcoat with tapemeasureNew Research to Snack On

Here is a new bit of research to snack on after the holidays.  After humans eat a high-fat diet, their brains begin to show evidence of injuries in just 24 hours.  The hypothalamus – the area of the brain that regulates weight – will show evidence of serious inflammation and structural damage, if we keep eating continuously the high-fat food we love.

Unsettling Information

This information from the “Seattle Times,” is somewhat unsettling considering that most of us are just ending several weeks even months of high-fat eating and alcohol consumption.  The researchers working with rodents and humans have found the first evidence that “hypothalamic neuron injury” associated with obesity caused by a high-fat diet in these test cases.  Dr. Michael Schwartz, professor of medicine at the University of Washington, and senior author of the paper pertaining to the research believes that obese patients maybe biologically defending their elevated body weight.  The article has been published in “The Journal of Clinical Investigation.”

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