Cool, Calm, and De-Stressed!


Cool, Calm, and De-Stressed!

At the first of the year, everyone is bombarded with resolutions – do this and don’t do that! By the second week of the year, most everyone has given up on at least one well intended promise.  What will make 2011 any different?  Read on and check out some tips in getting started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Take off the Edge!

Believe it or not but we have already passed the most stressful day of the year – January 5, 2011.  The holidays have ended, most people are back at work, school is in session with term papers due, and the weather is pretty gloomy.  So we need to move on!  While it is not always possible to make your life less hectic; it is possible to change how you respond to the hectic lifestyle.  The following might help in making those changes.

Budget Your Money

  • Always low on cash at the end of the month – stressed paying bills – where did the money go?  Begin to write down in a journal everything you spend.  Look for costly patterns that emerge.  Grabbing fast food on the way home from a ball game and long day at office, etc. can add up costs plus add on a few un-wanted pounds.  Try downloading a free budget planner and actually see where the money is going.

Rewrite Negative Thoughts

  • Rewrite your self-defeating negative thoughts.  How you perceive stressful situations may need major changing. Believing everything is a crisis puts your brain in the fight or flight mode and triggers stress hormones where there is no true emergency.  Nothing ever goes right for me, it is always my fault, I am always the last to know and the lists goes on – sets you up for failure.  Instead, think I can handle this, I will adjust my schedule, I will do something just for me.  By revising your thoughts you become a take charge survivor.  Look at your life as the glass is full not half empty, or turned over, broken and it was your best crystal!

Damage Control

  • Some days are just going to be crazy.  If you understand there will be days that are crazy when everything  goes wrong – you need damage control.  When your water heater goes out, your precious daughter is sent to the Principal’s office, and the report is due yesterday – take a break.  Oftentimes, an enjoyable distraction can interrupt the body’s first response to stress.  While waiting on the repairman, watch a funny DVD or read the comics.  This separates the mind’s self-defeating thoughts from the body’s fight or flight response temporarily and you become calmer and able to cope better.

Try Yoga

  • Yoga classes will help with a longer lasting calm.  Studies have shown that participants in an hour long yoga class for six weeks develop more self-confidence in handling stressful situations.  While helping your body become more resilient, an additional perk to yoga is the feeling of happiness and calmness that lingers.

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