Couch to 5K

Lifestyle ActivityThis year I decided to begin running (jogging). I have always tried to be active but have never been a runner. I was the facilitator for a summer weight loss program and each week, we had testimonials given by a variety of people who have been involved in exercise or weight loss. One particular speaker impressed me tremendously with her 80 pound weight loss as well as her new approach to life with healthful eating and exercising. She told our class about a program that helped her become more active plus encouraged her to start a running program.

This program is the Couch to 5K from the Cool Running website. The twelve week program will help you start out slowly and guide you until you are able to run or jog a 5K. I found the website very helpful but actually used Robert Ullrey’s podcasts. As you will learn he is a ’43 year guy from northern California who started running again on his birthday.’ He basically was my mentor this summer as I began the program. I am little behind in my program due to reconstructive repair surgery for breast cancer which was unexpectedly more complicated than I was prepared. However, I am now jogging for 25 minutes total which for me is about 2 miles. That is a little behind the pace but hey I am out there!

My major investment in this program was a pink (of course) Ipod Shuffle. So check out this website – you will be jogging in no time.

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