Countdown to Summer Fun!

Healthy ActivitiesIt is now the first of May, 2012 and we are gearing up for summer.  In some locations, the season got a early start with warmer weather.  However, are you READY!?  There is still time to get ready for the summer months where our lifestyles are less frenetic, we are usually more active, and swimwear season is right around the corner. Yipes!!

Tips for Losing Weight:

  • Engage in some form of moderate-intense activity each day.  Try to average around 30 minutes each day.
  • Limit your TV watching.  10 hours weekly is recommended.
  • Practice consistency in your meal plan.  Limit the food variety, follow the same eating pattern daily, no major splurging.
  • Eat brealfast to help curb hunger and prevent overeating later.
  • Try and avoid emotional eating and gorging; limit your fast food meals to less than one a week.
  • Monitor yourself – weigh weekly and track your calorie intake.

Protect Yourself from the Summer Sun

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. and skin damage from the sun is the biggest cause.  Skin damage to the skin grows over time.  For many people, sever sunburns during youth set the stage for moles, dark blotches and ugly pre-cancerous black spots often seen on older adults.  Melanoma is a very aggressive form of deadly skin cancer.  When melanoma is treated in its earliest stages, the chance of a cure is very good.  The incidence rate of melanoma has increased. 

What You Should Do

  • Check regularly for a change in a mole or irregular shape or color.
  • Wear protective clothing –  hat, sunglasses and UVR-protective sunscreen.  Teach children to cover up.
  • Avoid tanning beds – they tend to emit far more UVR than the sun for the same exposure time.
  • Encourage children to play in the shade.
  • Avoid being in the sun during peak hours.
  • If you want that tan look, try artificial tanners (sprays and lotions).  They are better and usually won’t turn you that tell-tale orange color.

Enjoy the warm weather – but be aware of the cool rays!

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