Do Carbs Help You to Lose Weight?

Fork with Tape MeasureDo Carbs Help You to Lose Weight?

Eating a diet packed with carbs can help you lose weight.  BUT for the carbs to help they have to be right kind of carbs.  These right kind of carbs are called Resistant Starch and multiple studies have shown these carbs help you to eat less, burn more calories, feel more energized and less stressed.  Resistant starch also helps blast belly fat!

So What is Resistant Starch?

Basically there are four types of resistant starch:

  1. Starch that is difficult for the digestive process to reach is often due to a fibrous shell.  Grains and legumes which are cooked intact are in this group type.  Some altered starches such as Hi-Maize corn starch are included in this group.
  2. Some foods, such as unripe bananas, raw potatoes, and plantains (a cousin to the sweeter banana) have a type of starch which our digestive enzymes cannot break down.
  3. There are small amounts of resistant starch which are produced when some starchy foods such as potatoes and rice are allowed to cool before eating.
  4. The last type is the manufactured resistant starch made by various chemical processes.  As of this article, it is not known whether these starches have the same benefits as those in the other groups.

Most starchy foods have at least a small amount of resistant starch in them.

Resistant starch produces more satiety (the satisfied feeling of being full after eating).

What Foods Have Resistant Starch?

  • Beans are very best food source.  Types of beans and how we prepare them cause varying amounts of resistant starch.  Canned beans are more glycemic (which literally means causing glucose (sugar) in the blood).  Some over the counter products which contain natural enzymes that increase the digestibility of beans and help prevent bloating decrease the amount of resistant starch.
  • Whole, intact grains are considered decent sources of resistant starch which include bulgar wheat and long grain brown rice.
  • Hi-Maize corn starch can be used to substitute for part of the flour in baked goods.

What Do You Do Now?

A well balanced meal plan and increased activity are the best solutions for losing weight, keeping it off, and developing a healthful lifestyle.  In your plan, incorporate meal replacements such as OPTIFAST, to narrow the stimulus of food selections and help keep you on track towards a LifeStyle you can enjoy.

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