Focus On Positive and Present

Focus On Positive

Focus On Positive and PresentBouncing back from a big loss requires the ability to adapt.  Those people who can change how they see a bad experience tend to have more control over their lives.  Those who cannot “reframe” the experience end up becoming victims.

In dealing with cancer, I have learned to accept certain challenges.  I have listed a few of the challenges in hopes you can also learn from your experiences.

  • Negative emotions drag you down.  I count my blessings.  I have beautiful grandchildren, loving sons, a caring husband and sisters.  I spend as much time as possible with these family members.  My faith helps and positive emotions can stimulate positive outlooks.
  • Dwelling in the past will distort your view on life.  You cannot move forward when you are constantly looking in the past.  Don’t put the blame on others.
  • Don’t try to be perfect.  When life becomes overwhelming, some of the less important issues in your life can slide.  Get enough rest, good nutrition, and exercise to relieve stress.
  • Bring humor in your life.  Don’t watch or listen to negative news programs.  Do things you enjoy.  Laugh with your friends.  A positive attitude can put a different spin on an negative situation.

Live in the now.  Look for new possibilities.  And stop rehashing the same old problem.

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