Learn from Mistakes – Why Diets Often Fail

Learn from Mistakes - Why Diets Often Fail Be Well – Be Healthy – Are you one of the 6 out of 10 people who is overweight or obese?  Are you tired of struggling with the constant battle of diets?  Does it seem as if you are out of control?

Recently on the Today Show, these and other questions were posed.  Rather than use the word diet, lifestyle was given as a more appropriate choice in working with your daily life.  Of course, I am all for the changes in your lifestyle and am happy to reinforce the four points of why diets often fail and why you need to review the information and contact us.

1.  You Are Not Fully Committed

Whether this commitment is to a meal plan, exercise program or just deciding to cut back – it has to be personal.  I have worked with many clients who are wanting to start a weight loss program because of upcoming wedding plans, cruise, reunion or the doctor said, spouse said, friends said, “You need to lose weight.”  The desire needs to come from within.  Only you can lose the weight and keep it off for life.  While long-term goals are admirable, look at the short-term goals and reinforce the reasons why you are wanting to lose weight and commit to those goals.

2.  People Expect Miracles

We are very impatient taking off unwanted pounds that may have taken years to put on.  Many fad diets, over the counter supplements, and even unnecessary surgical procedures are tried.  The success rate of these attempts in keeping off pounds is usually not very high.  By chipping away daily at your weight you will be more successful.

3.  You Plan is not Sustainable 

Your diet should not be a quick fix but a launching pad for a plan that you can maintain.  The first few weeks of any program will be the hardest.  Include meal replacements for those times when you are prone to skip meals due to time constraints.  Use a limited amount of choices at first and don’t bombard yourself with a myriad of food decisions.

4.  You Cannot Forgive Yourself for the Slip-ups

That one piece of cake or serving of ice cream will not totally sabotage your plan.  “Shake it off” and go forward.  Don’t dwell on the lapse but try and learn what triggered the overeating event. 

5.  You hate to exercise

While only four points were discussed about dieting on the show,  I have added a fifth one.  Daily activity including exercise must be part of any weight loss/maintenance plan.  For women above the age of 50, seven days a week with a minimum of 30 minutes per day of activity is now necessary to maintain a healthy weight.  Find an activity that you enjoy – whether it is a Zumba class, boot camp, pilates, or dancing -get moving now!

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