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What is Added to Healthy food Can Sabotage Your Diet

The rising obesity trend has alarmed many experts.  Obesity can lead to many problems which include lost productivity, days missed at work, and rising insurance costs.  Obesity also raises the risk for other diseases.  Some common facts include:


Heart attacks are on the rise for adults from age 30 to 40.

One-third of  the greater Memphis area is considered obese.

Sodas are still the largest single source of added sugar in children’s diets.

We consume about 35 teaspoons of added sugar per day often hidden in canned and packaged foods.

What can we do to stop the sabotaging?

Below are just a few tips to follow to help in eating healthier:

  • Avoid the added sauces and syrups to basically healthy foods such as grilled fish and meats, vegetables, and fruits. 
  • Read labels to be sure you avoid buying foods with lots of added sugars.
  • Limit dressings on salads.  Enjoy your salads with fresh fruits and tomatoes which add moisture without the added fats and sugars.  Also try a fruit flavored vinegar for dressing.
  • Substitute low-salt salsa, black-bean dip or low-fat yogurt for high fat or sugary dips.
  • Satisfy your hunger with high-fiber fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Try and make these changes a permanent part of your life.  Accept and understand that the changes you make now in eating healthy, staying fit by adding daily walks to your routine, and taking control of your weight will help in somewhat lower health costs.  These costs will reflect in the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia later in life.   Get started on your healthier LifeStyle by joining March Madness.  Contact us to receive  a discount* on the new LifeStyle Program, Lose 20 in 12.


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